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Sunset Books Top 5 bulbs to plant in the fall

Dutch Iris

Intense deep blue, purple and yellow. 2 feet in height. Favorites: Professor Blaauw (Blue), Purple Sensation (Purple/Magenta), and Royal Yellow (Yellow). They are beautiful mixed with ornamental grasses or a pot of yellow Violas.


Slender & Lovely, Lady or Candy are pale yellow or white on inside and red to magenta on outside. 6”-9” tall and normally come back year after year. Favorites: the blossoms of Tulipa Clusiana are rose carmine on the outside, bright yellow on the inside. Or for yellow star shaped flowers with white tips try T. Tarda.

Darwin Hybrid Tulips

Tallest, largest tulips. Cup shaped bloom, scarlet orange to red, pink, yellow and white. 2 foot stems. Chill bulbs for 6 weeks before planting. Favorites: Pink Impression (best pink), Beauty of Apeldoorn (flame colored), and Daydream (opens yellow, matures orange).

Parrot Tulip

Brilliant hues (some striped and flamed in various colors) Petals are big and ruffled and feathered. Pretty behind white or purple Violas. Chill bulbs for 6 weeks before planting. Favorites: Blue Parrot ( Mauve – blue flowers 18” stem), Estella Rjinveld (red and white flamboyant flowers 20” stems), and Rococo (red with splashes of green 20” stem).

Apricot Daffodils

Stand up to cold and are easy to grow. Pretty combined with apricot or blue Violas. Favorites: Apricot Lace(white outer petals with apricot colored corona, 14” stem) and Lorikeet (yellow petals with salmon trumpet 18”).

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