We are in the peak season for leaves to be dropping. The crews are working hard trying to stay ahead but it looks like we are taking second place to the leaves. If you see a pile of leaves in the street, don't worry, they will be picked up by our leaf truck. If there are not many, we will be bagging the leaves and leaving the bags on the curb line.


We will start to winterize the irrigation system starting in December. If you would like to get yours winterized, send an e-mail to info@samsongroundsmgmt.com and we will get it on the schedule. Holidays

Samson Grounds Management, LLC will be closed the following days in observance of the holidays. Please try to understand that we will try to service everyone as best we can on the shorter work week. If you have any special request for the holidays, please send an e-mail to info@samsongroundsmgmt.com.

- Thanksgiving Day / Day After Thanksgiving - Christmas Eve / Christmas Day - New Years Eve / New Years Day Holiday Decorations

If you have any outside holiday decorations that you would like us to hang or install, please give us a call. We would be happy to help spread the cheer! Planning Ahead

We are not in winter yet but now is the time to plan for those winter projects. If you have any ideas on patios, walks, gardens, (flower or vegetable), lighting etc., give us a call and we would be happy to come out and discuss the options with you. Where does the pollination come into play in the winter time?

According to Kerry Barringer, curator of the Herbarium at The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens "Many of the plants we see blooming at this time of year do not get pollinated”.

What? Well, it turns out that just a few warm days bring out enough bugs to help but many winter flowers have adapted and are pollinated by wind and some plants like the skunk cabbage actually have heated flowers (so warm they can melt snow and ice) that protect flies and entice them to pollinate.

Refer us: If you referral to a friend to us, residential property or commercial property and if they sign a yearly contract our thanks to you will be a flat of flowers, or a bag of bulbs, or a seasonal surprise!

Gift Cards: Have you ever been bothered by what to give the in-laws, your husband or your parents. An answer can be a Gift Card from Samson Grounds Management, LLC. You can get the card for any amount and can be used for trimming bushes, mowing grass, installation of gardens, mulching, pine needles, etc. You will have one year to redeem the card. Give us a call for details.

Suggestions: If you have a suggestion for Samson Grounds Management, please let us know at info@samsongroundsmgmt.com. You can be eligible for a gift card if we use your suggestion!

Job openings: If you know of anyone, or yourself, who has a green thumb or is looking for part time work doing gardening or grounds care, please contact us at info@samsongroundsmgmt.com. Please send a brief resume and work history.